Windows 7 Freezes on Startup

It is very frustrating to see Windows 7 booting extremely slow on a laptop or computer. The same agony is intensified when that happens with a newer laptop. Why Windows 7 freezes on startup and how this problem can be fixed? To find out how, safely perform these tweaks and fix Windows 7 freezing issue:

Cause – 1: Antivirus Behind Win 7 Freezes: Temporarily Uninstall Your Antivirus Program

Although this might take some of your time, but it is important to do this computer maintenance at this stage in order to fix the problem you are facing.

Most of the times due to resource-intensive antivirus programs Windows 7 freezes on startup. These programs not only take too long to load themselves but also make the entire system slow to boot.

You can test this cause only by temporarily removing your antivirus software. Although I would not like to take name of any particular software, but it has been noted that the AVG causes freezing issue due to which Windows 7 starts slow. If, after removing the antivirus software, your computer has started to boot faster and without any freezing, then simply decide to switch to some other anti-virus software.

Cause-2: Registry Errors: Fix Windows 7 Registry With Some Effective Registry Cleaner

The Windows 7 consists of a very important component called Registry which is the key to all programs and services running on your system. The registry component contains immense volume of registry data important to run Windows 7 faster at start as well as throughout the computing process.

If your Windows 7 freezes on startup then it is highly recommended you run an effective scan through a registry cleaner and PC optimizer software. Read definition of Registry at end.

Cause 3: Windows Live ID Services: Can You Afford to Uninstall/Remove these Services?

It has been seen in many PCs that due to the Windows Live ID services, especially starting with the Windows startup cause freezing during the boot process. If you are not a regular user of these services then through Control Panel option in the Windows 7 you can uninstall them easily to fix Windows 7 freezing.

Cause 4: Too Many Startup Programs–Disable Some or All Programs

When your computer starts, there are some softwares installed in your computer which are set/configured to start with the startup process. This puts a load during the boot and a computer running Windows 7 freezes on startup and delays the entire process.

To disable these programs you can press Start > Type Msconfig in Search or Run > Startup > Choose Disable All or Select Services to Disable them individually.

Cause 5: Low RAM Capacity – Consider Upgrading RAM

If you are running Windows 7 on your old system then make it sure it has at least 1 GB RAM space available. However, it is better you upgrade it further to 2 or 4 GB. In case the low capacity of RAM is causing Windows 7 to freeze on startup then you will have to upgrade it in addition to scanning your system registry regularly.

Cause 6: Solid Colors: Do Not Choose the Solid Colors for Desktop Personalztion

Windows 7 has excellent dekstop personalization options available which can be accessed through using the “right-click” option of the mouse on desktop. There is one settings which some users enable to set solid colors for the background picture. If this is the case then it is recommended you choose a simple desktop background image. You can do this in the following way:

Desktop > Mouse Right Click > Personalization > Desktop Background > From Options Unselect the Solid Colors Option.

Cause 7: Aero Themes: Disable if These Themes are Behind Windows 7 Slow Boot

There is one tremendous option in Windows 7 which is called the Aero Themes. Try to disable this option if your Windows 7 freezes on startup. As we know desktop is the first thing that comes up after the boot is completed, there is needed time to load heavy aero themes. Thus disabling these themes might speed up Windows 7 boot time and end freezing issue as well.

Cause 8: Desktop Widgets: Try to Disable These Widgets

As the Windows 7 loads it places all the things in que while it is still booting. What happens is that due to too many startup services, sometime Windows 7 freezes on startup. The desktop widgets such as Clock, Temperatures, etc are also known to cause this freezing issue in the computers.

Cause 9: Super-fetching Disabled? Try to Enable it

In some Windows 7 PCs there occurs freezing in the boot process because the super-fetching option is disabled. You can enable this service to fix this issue in the following way:

Start > Search > Regedit > Now locate this subkey: HLKM\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Control\SessionManager\MemoryManagement\ PrefetchParameters.

In the right side, double-click EnablePrefetcher.
Change the value to 2 and click OK.
In the right side, double-click EnableSuperfetch,.
Change the value to 2 and click OK.

Now exit the registry editor and restart your system to let these settings take effect. After using this carefully, it is highly likely you will reduce freezing during Windows 7 startup.

Cause 10: P2P Streaming/Other Suspicious Programs Causing Freeze at Start

It is quite possible that some streaming programs might be causing Windows 7 to freeze during the startup. If that is the case then it is wise to remove such programs.

Cause 11: Outdated Drivers

If your system is quite old then it might have some of the drivers outdated. It is wise to update all your computer drivers to enhance the boot-up process of your computer.

Following these guidelines will hopefully solve your problem. It is recommended you do not miss scanning Windows registry.

Definition of Registry: Registry is the Windows database which stores, in the form of registry keys, information about all the computer programs, softwares and hardwares.

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