Laptops, Desktop and Tablets

With the advent of tablets these days, both desktop and laptop computers have taken a backseat. Tablets are small, handy, and do just enough things to satisfy most computer users. Desktops and laptops still have their place. Most desktops have all the features you want to take care of such things as word processing, Internet, and games.

Laptops definitely still have their place. They are a computer, that has a lot of advantages over the desktop. What are some of these?

As the prices of computers in general, and laptops specifically his come down, many laptop manufacturers have pack a lot of features into their products that allow them to compete with desktops.

Now days it’s not unusual to find a laptop with four gigs of on-board RAM. That’s enough to run just about any software out there today. They also, COM with quality graphic cards, sound cards, and at least 500 GB of hard drive space. That means that you can use your laptop at home, as a desktop replacement, and still take it with you when you need to. You can’t do that with a desktop

In addition, most of the better quality laptops have excellent graphics cards. In addition they also have quality optical drives, which means you can run your movies and videos just about any place you want.

Unlike a desktop, you can take your laptop to work, use it to accomplish your tasks, and take that all home with you. With a desktop, you have to find another way of transferring information from work to home.

When you go on vacation, you’ve got to leave that desktop at home, unless you want to pack up everything and set it up where when you get your vacation spot. With a laptop, you can take your computer with you. The kids can watch movies in the back while you’re traveling. Any work that you have to do that you must take with you, goes with your laptop. In addition, you can load all those photographs that you take a long vacation right there on your computer. Most places have Wi-Fi, so it’s easy to send those photographs back to those you want them to see.

Finally, your desktop is a slave to the outlet in your home. Laptops have batteries and those batteries are rechargeable. You can recharge those batteries anywhere where you can find a lexical outlet. That means that there is no power available, you still have a computer.

These are just a few of the advantages that the laptop has over the desktop.