Desktop Search is Not Search

Where are all the Great Desktop Search applications?

If put to the test, net Search programs, would not measure up to this Search.
Net and Desktop Search are from opposite ends, of the search spectrum.

Their PR / propaganda on the Web may look impressive.
Lots of Search Engine sites and blogs, are the work of paid hacks or staff stooges.
They make finding honest search news and reviews, difficult.
Their product is complex, over burdened with option creep and lacking.

Personal search -vs- Internet search


Internet search finds ranked results, ie those who tech or pay their way to the top.

(Net Search, is Not Search, more like Marketing)

People primarily use Internet search, to find information that is new to them.

With Personal search, users seldom, want to find information that is not theirs.
Why rummage around on C drive or Net, presenting readme.txt, advertisements
and a slew of other unwanted information.

With personal search, I want every occurrence. And I want it in the same order.
(I occasionally, run a differences between the two sets of search results)

-They are re-indexing all the time. This one does not. It is a “Search” Engine.

Ready to go immediately.

-No background processes, running unnoticed. This app will never snoop or tattle.

-On my production machine, I do not want any internet connections.

If you are on the net, you can be hacked.

No firewalls, no popup blockers, no indexers and the resultant slowdown.

I want a search, that also works, in this secure, high speed, environment.

-They brag a lot, about how fast they return results. The Internet is relatively slow

and they count the hits not displayed on the screen. “Displaying 1-8 of 2,345 results”

Dumb to count, let alone search for something that is not going to be displayed.

On a human scale, anything less than 10 seconds is fine.

-This search, searches at 20 Million characters per seconds and will just get faster

as the processor speeds increase.

-Net search companies, have to focus on security because of all the hacking.

Restricting access, frustrates searchers, to the point, they quit using it.

Desktop Search, is the most important program on any computer.

The Big Feature (RANDOM)


This app can select a random video file. (2 external drives with 500+ videos)
Then select a random start point.
Then play a short segment in Slow-Motion.
Then freeze on the final frame for a few more seconds.
Then another and another….

It can do something, almost as interesting, with text.
It can pick a random start point in any text file
It can then display from that point on, in Large text, with
a pause behind each character printed and each line end.
(create your own scrolling text screen of local legends etc)

Random takes out the monotony and exposes you to your digital info.

For the average user.


Why would anyone want to store anything other than plain text and screen captures.
People seldom run a report more than once. Do a screen capture and keep that.
Same with word processors and other obscure formats. Do a screen capture or
video those screens, along with a cut and paste of the text, then ditch them.
Needing the originating software, to see these oddballs files, is a real pain.

Systems that handle every format, are prone to failure and eventual loss of data.

Great for Backup / Recovery


I just recently reloaded windows(1), My stuff(2) [search and backup of jpgs
and txt]. My video camera software(3), loaded the internet software(4)
and change a few net settings(5).
That was it, I had my original system back.(Virus free to boot)
(I keep detailed notes along with a few screen captures, of these recovery steps)
For my bookmarks – favourites, I have screen captures and saved their homepage text.

With this tool, people can manage any number of multimedia files.
So they can just shoot, video, download, screen capture and cut & paste
to their hearts content.

Desktop Search is a must, for the Video data deluge.
DVD storage is inexpensive, less than 5 Cents a Gig.
Put a copy of the Search on each DVD video backup and view on any PC.
(When data is portable, it becomes yours.)

Start and stop anywhere in a MPEG clip. (non linear editing)
No mess, with video snippets everywhere. Just the originals.
Be out capturing great action, while others are busy editing.
(no editing software required)

Skip ads, confidential, offensive or explicit material, by playing up to the segment,
then starting up again after it. (Video in this playback, to eliminate completely)

Instead of those tiny, picture thumbnails for video.
Play the first 5 seconds, from each of your video files.
(way way more informative than those blurry first frames)

For those Burst-of-Still pictures, that digital cameras do.
Set the display time to 1/10 second, for play back. See them, like you shoot them.
(Displays 700+ oldie photos in 35 seconds, full speed – full screen)

This program, starts searching immediately (Instant Search) Some word processing
programs try to read in the entire file. Causing delays when starting up.
It had to be fast, so it could, run background copies of itself.

Suppose you are developing a desktop application. You would definitely pay attention to it’s overall and detailed design. Things like button design, loading spinner , icons, fonts and other element should never be forgotten about. They all make your design a whole. This is the same for users. Never forget that users like well stylized apps too.